2020 Audi Q7 SUV Facelift

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The 2020 AUDI Q7 is smaller but yet prettier SUV model, than Audi Q9. Concerning looks AUDI Q7 has not been extremely attractive on the outer side, looking very bulgy with little sharp style but still giving lot in SUV segment, especially in premium interior and driving capabilities. Model like Q7 is very familiar to business ladies and men wanting high and quality SUV with adequate driving characteristics. Statement has been backed up with results from markets across Europe and North America. Driving capabilities of 2020 AUDI Q7 will be tested to the extreme limits in the winter testing facilities in Scandinavia region.

2020 Audi Q7 Design

Exterior Design

Passing years have been good to the AUDI design team and SUV
fleet. Especially when AUDI decided to implement Marc Licht design in 2019 AUDI
Q7 SUV car model. The new 2020 AUDI Q7 will be dressed in new attire with graceful
top and side lines. Revolutionary sharp octagonal grill mask with sided sharped
trapezoid headlights is smoothly connected to vertical barred LED day lights.
Design frontier for 2020 AUDI Q7 will be leaving buyers and car critics
speechless. Furthermore, something mentioned like this had to be expected from
top leader in SUV market. Rear end has been upgraded with taillights similar to
new Audi A8 or Audi Q8. Taillights, with implemented vertical barred LED
lights, are giving look of an arrow pointing to center of rear door (edge of taillight
has LED arrow fletching). Even bigger thing for taillight appearance is
pulsating LED arrow from left to right, informing rear car driver about 2020
AUDi Q7 direction. To highlight bumper, car maker has framed it with thin
chrome bar which is designating large openings for exhaust pipes. Even, red reflector
cat eye bars are keeping back side element composition very stylish. Mentioned
composition has given special classy rear design incorporating future look of
2020 AUDI Q7.

Interior design

It is not yet clear to us, look of interior design, but
indications are strong about implementation of two wide LED screens for instrumentation
dashboard and infotainment – climate system. Something not so futuristic but
still giving top notch to interior and driver experience. Interior design influence
may come from AUDI A6 and Q8, especially in steering wheel part and haptic headlight
control switching system.

Engine Options

Collecting information for 2020 AUDI Q7, we stumbled upon
news concerning engine upgrade and much needed engine lineup. Audi has launched
information that every flagship model, like 2020 AUDI Q7, are being equipped with
hybrid powertrain in coming 2020 year. Confirmation has come from Ulrich
Hackenberg and his plan of implementing hybrid engines in cars like A1, A3 etc.
In this case, he was referring to TFSIe plug-in hybrid engine type- 3.0 liter TFSI
with electric motor.

Engine emitting regulation has cut of some older engine
types, like 4.0 liter TDI, and placed it out of play Way to the top has found 3.0
liter V6 supercharged engines with 231 HP and astonishing 286 HP! Giving much
needed power for speed and boost. Both engines will be connected to 8 speed automatic
transmission or quattro option. For American and North American market, AUDi
has designated 3.0 liter TFSI engine with 335 HP.

Release date

Expectations for 2020 AUDi Q7 to show off its looks, has been
conserved for third quarter of 2019. Maybe, presentation is going to be left
for Geneva Auto Show but provided information is uncertain. In case of American
and North American debute, AUDI Q7 for 2020 year will be left for mid-season.